Ask yourself...

Have you ever wondered how computer experts become computer experts?

Do you just want to become more computer literate?

Does shaving 10 hours off your work week sound interesting?

Would you like to work in the I/T business?

Would you like to do all the above and more FOR FREE?

When you are lost and confused by not knowing how to do something on a computer...


That's how I did it.  Now I'm an I/T manager for a Fortune 500 company with a six-figure income.  All without a computer science degree or any formal training whatsoever.  The "computer genius" part of the subtitle is not how I think of myself, but what my co-workers, friends and neighbors call me.  You see, most people know so little about computers its easy to look like a genius in their eyes.  This web site is dedicated to helping you do what I did, learn to be a computer expert utilizing resources you already own or are free for the taking on the internet.

Stay tuned...

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